Poetry & novels of Kvila Bristenia

Published books, creative plans of writer


``Madame Bristenia`` Band

Style: experimental, contemporary, metal, cinematic, groove, sludge.


Quintensiaga Art Gallery

Oil Art Works of Kvila Bristenia and TIlarids


Kvila Bristenia

Place of dislocation: depth / surrealistic world inside and around

Entrance: planes / music, art, word

Output: fruits of the imagination / oil paintings, novels, songs, poems

Author of 3 books with poems, the novel is in work; creator of about 150 oil/coal paintings; author of about 300 songs, singer and guitarist in the live band.

Projects: Amphistasis (last music project), Quintensiaga Oil Gallery, Madame Bristenia music band

Dreams: Life full of live concerts, new published books, physical art gallery in Europe.

Multidimensional Feel of Art